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We support local farmers by purchasing our lamb, goats, and cows from small operations boosting our local economy. Also, our animals are happier on these small farms and are not subject to the abuses of mass production.
We specialize in halal beef, lamb, goat, and chicken and offer the freshest in red meat available. Did you know the meat you buy at your standard grocery store may have may be weeks, even months old? Whenever
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Our lamb is sourced from local farmers and is the freshest available. We take precious care with our lamb and treat them in a humane manner. They are grass fed and hormone free.
Also sourced from local small farming operations, our goats are grass fed and pasture raised. We treat them in a humane manner at all stages of life and take pride in slaughtering them in accordance with Islamic Law which takes the animal's comfort and care into consideration.
You won't find our cows in overly crowded stock pens and mass produced to oblivion. Each cow is cared for in a humane manner and grass fed. To us, happy cows doesn't only mean better quality meat, it also means we are living a lifestyle that we can take pride in.
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